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Coronavirus Outbreak

** Coronavirus Outbreak **

Announcement from VSS’ Chief Executive Officer, Phil Juniper
Vocational Skills Solutions is continuing to tackle the challenges presented by the coronavirus outbreak by adapting its service offer to reflect the developing position. The Leadership and Management Team are working hard to ensure we are as ready as we can be for the significant challenges we will all undoubtedly face in the coming weeks.
At the present time, we are continuing to operate across all regions, although new innovate methods of delivery are being developed to ensure our service users, who rely on us for skills, employment and recruitment, can continue to access our full curriculum during these difficult times.
It goes without saying that the health and safety of our staff and service users is paramount at this time. We have already aligned our activities to the UK Government Guideline on COVID – 19 including recommendations for self-isolation.
Communications to staff on hygiene has been increased to help prevent the spread of the virus in line with UK Government recommendations. This includes increased awareness through staff training and visual aids throughout our offices and training centres. We continue to urge our service users and our staff to keep up to date with government advice around best hygiene practices and to follow any other guidance that is issued from key agencies such as Public Health England and the NHS.
Business Continuity plans are in place, and our flexible working policies mean there should be minimal disruption to our business and service users, but of course we are continuing to monitor the situation. As a preventive measure, we have reduced face to face contact, especially in large groups, and will be utilising online contact and delivery during the next 6 weeks as a minimum.
In order to protect those learners who need to attend regional training centres for practical delivery, we have reduced group sizes and increased our cleaning regimes throughout these centres. However, to further protect our learners and staff, learners will be required to complete a health assessment questionnaire prior to attending our training facilities.
As part of this health assessment questionnaire, we will asking if learners have any underlying health issues e.g. they are vulnerable, or if they are in close contact externally with vulnerable people. If they are, they will be asked to either learn remotely, or delay their learning in order to protect themselves, and/or given advice on protecting others.
Our number one priority is the safety of our service users and our staff, which is why we have adapted to the changing position by implementing the above changes, whilst at the same time ensuring we can continue to deliver our much needed educational and recruitment offerings to our service users, during what will be very challenging times ahead.
Personally, I will be avoiding all group meetings as much as possible, having a vulnerable young child with Chronic Lung Disease at home. This is the sensible thing to do.
It is important to note that this Virus is going to affect a lot of us, and as the Government have adopted a ‘heard immunity’ policy, it’s more about protecting the vulnerable, rather than avoiding everyone getting it….
As you will be aware, this is a fast-moving situation and we will keep you updated as and when our position changes. We are continuing to monitor events and listening to government guidance to see what further adjustments may be needed, and we will provide further information as and when required. However, in the meantime, if you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact a member of our Leadership and Management Team on 0161 478 4242