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Safe & Efficient Transport Operations


Duration – 7 Hours

  • Drivers Hours & Tachograph Guidance
  • Safe Loading Procedures
  • Alcohol and Drug Limitations and Restrictions
  • Driver Licensing Requirements
  • Operational Security Procedures
  • Fuel Efficient Driving Techniques (FEDTech)


Purpose of the Unit:

The candidate should know his or her own responsibilities under the legal, safety and operating requirements that relate to the vehicles they drive, the loads carried and the roads used. This knowledge should enable the candidate to contribute at all times to the safety and security of themselves, loads and property. The responsibilities will relate to highway codes, transport regulations, load restrictions, alcohol limits, drug restrictions and driver’s hours.

The candidate should know what the relevant responsibilities are and where to get information to help them meet these responsibilities. The training also covers fuel efficient driving principles and how to reduce wear and tear on the vehicle. The course also includes advanced driving techniques related directly to fuel efficient driving.


Learning Outcomes:

  • Obtain and apply information on the regulations and legislation as it applies to the driver of the vehicle.
  • Obtain and apply information on the safe and legal operating requirements of the vehicle.
  • Obtain and apply information on the on the safe handling and loading of the load.
  • Identify potential security risks to driver, vehicle and load.
  • Report and record potential, or actual, incidences of damage, theft or threat to self, vehicle or load.
  • State the principles of how to apply fuel efficient driving practices and how to reduce wear and tear on the vehicle.
  • Raise awareness of the principles surrounding safe vehicle movements on the road.


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