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Up-skilling your workforce


Up-skill your workforce and keep them at the top of their game

Workforce training and development is generally high on the list of priorities when a company is progressing forward. Especially when legislation, processes and standards are continuously evolving, updating and changing. It is imperative any workforce has the skills and knowledge required to effectively execute their roles.

However, skill and knowledge are not sufficient by themselves to achieve effectiveness. Staff need to be motivated to push their self-development forwards and constantly strive to increase their knowledge, develop new skills and smash their targets. In other words, as a business you need to create a culture of employer investment and employee empowerment. A culture in which developing your workforce is simply ‘the way things are done in your business’.

VSS funded adult training & development programmes are a great way to get all your employees on the same page, upskill entire workforces and create a culture to increase your business success, at very little cost to you the employer.

Our FREE NO OBLIGATION organisational training needs analysis will identify skills gaps in your organisation, and path the way to fill those gaps at very little or no cost. Training your staff will unlock their potential and create a valuable, motivated workforce with improved skills and the confidence to really make a difference. Training will improve your employees’ morale – when they realise organisations are willing to spend money and effort on improving their skills, they’ll be motivated to work harder and really feel that they are valued.

Why upskill staff with training and development?

By investing intelligently in appropriate staff and management training solutions you can realise tangible business benefits on many different levels. For example, here are just a few key benefits you will experience working with our training and development programmes:

  • #1. Improve effectiveness Making more efficient and effective use of the key players you already have is one of the cornerstones of boosting your competitive advantage. Customising your training and development solutions will help you get the best performance from your employees. To upskill your staff, means to improve the competence of each player within your organisation. This raises the overall calibre of your existing staff.
  • #2. Improve morale When you invest in an employee’s personal and professional education and development they feel valued. Your staff will feel empowered to be the best they can be in your company. That boosts their morale, and has a ripple effect that permeates the entire organisation.
  • #3. Improve employee retention Staff turnover is a real and very costly problem in many industries. Investing wisely in the right training and development for your staff reduces the problem significantly. When employees have the opportunity to grow and develop within an organisation, they will feel more loyal towards that organisation, and include it in their personal growth goals.
  • #4. Improve quality and productivity of work done Honing in on existing skills, and learning new ones, means employees can do their jobs more competently, and ultimately delivers higher quality to your customers. The enhanced empowerment of your staff will feed into their interactions with your products and your customers, and their workflow becomes more productive.
  • #5. Increase the longevity of your staff and business Upskilling staff has benefits that stretch far beyond just having more satisfied and productive staff – it is often essential to the long-term success and survival of your business. Whatever your industry, skilled staff will always be crucial to your business longevity – whether you have 1 or 100 employees, or even if you’re a sole trader. If you and your staff keep your skills current, you’ll be able to stay ahead of industry changes and continue moving forward.


It’s a win-win situation: by training your staff, you’re improving the skills of individuals while boosting the success of your bottom line.…. success breeds success!

The skills of your employees represent one of the most important elements of your business. The better your employees are at their job, the easier it is for your company to attain the level of productivity required, and hence, success. Most people think of training as an unnecessary cost, but as a matter of fact, here at VSS, we can often offer training to you and your workforce for free, or for very little cost.


There is no doubt that Upskilling adds a large amount of value for companies that decide to provide these benefits to their employees. When considering the dilemma of whether you should be contributing financially for your employees to upskill, remember the two most important pros:

  • Improve your company’s productivity
  • Boost your employee engagement


A willingness to invest in the skills of your employees shows that you are committed to them and are willing to help them do everything possible to improve their personal development. It shows your team members that you value their performance and are invested in the work that they do for you.

The benefits of upskilling far outweigh the costs associated to their training programmes. Having a trained workforce means your workers are learning new skills that can improve production, reduce costs, reduce mistakes, build confidence in your workforce, and create a healthy and a better working environment. An investment in your employees’ skill sets is an investment in your own organisation.

Contact a member of the team today to book your FREE NO OBLIGATION training needs analysis on 01942 932 050 or alternatively email