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Policies & Procedures

Policies and procedures are principles, rules and guidelines formulated or adopted by Vocational Skills Solutions (VSS) to reach its long-term goals and have been published in this downloadable booklet so that it is widely accessible to all staff, learners, clients, partners, suppliers, contract workers or members of the public.

Policies and procedures are designed to influence and determine all major decisions and actions, and all activities take place within the boundaries set by them. Procedures are the specific methods employed to express policies in action in the day-to-day operations of VSS. Together, policies and procedures ensure that a point of view held by the Directors of VSS is translated into steps that result in an outcome compatible with that view.

Please note that we provide equal opportunities and are committed to the principle of equality and diversity in accordance with legislative provisions.  We expect your support in implementing these policies and procedures.

Safeguarding Policy

Our aim is to ensure, through effective inspection and regulation, that outcomes for our learners are improved by the receipt of better care, services and education. Improved outcomes can only be achieved if our learners are safe from harm. Therefore, safeguarding the welfare of our learners is part of our core business.


If you are suffering abuse or concerned about someone – please get in touch with your Regional Safeguarding Lead.


Designated Safeguarding Lead (National): Call Simon Cotton on 07516 500630

Regional Safeguarding Lead (London): Call Jubair Miah on 07591 384327

Regional Safeguarding Lead (West Midlands): Call Alan Rouse on 07516 500492

Regional Safeguarding Lead (Merseyside): Call Tracey Yoxall on 07435 748400

Alternatively, please complete the following document and email it to

VSS – Safeguarding Adults Concern Form

Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Policy

Here at VSS we have equality, diversity & Inclusion at the core of everything we do and work towards. We have high expectations from our staff and students and work with various internal and external groups to consult and develop how we can improve and maintain our approach to equality and diversity.

Appeals Policy & Procedure

If you feel that any of your work has been assessed inaccurately or unfairly by one of your tutors, you may use the Company Appeals Procedure to have this work reassessed. You should start this process as soon as possible and certainly within 10 days.

Health & Safety Policy

VSS aims to provide an environment and conditions, which are safe, so far as is reasonably practicable, and without risk to the health, safety and welfare of staff, students, visitors, contractors and other members of the public who may be affected by the activities of the Company whilst on occupied sites.

Whistleblowing Policy & Procedure

VSS is committed to the highest possible standards of openness, probity and accountability in public life. In line with that commitment, we encourage employees or learners with serious concerns about the Company’s activities to come forward and voice those concerns on a confidential basis and without fear of reprisal.

Preventing Extremism & Radicalisation Policy

VSS is committed to providing a secure environment for learners, where learners feel safe and are kept safe. As a Company we recognise that extremism and exposure to extremist materials and influences can lead to poor outcomes for learners and also impact on our reputation and so should be addressed as a safeguarding concern as set out in this Policy.

Harrassment and Bullying Policy & Procedure

VSS is committed to ensuring that everyone is equally valued and treats one another with respect.  VSS aims to provide a supportive environment in which no individual or group of individuals feels threatened or intimidated.

Quality Assurance Policy & Procedure

VSS quality policy is to achieve sustained, profitable growth by providing services which consistently satisfy the needs and expectations of its customers. This level of quality is achieved through adoption of a system of procedures that reflect the competence of the Company to existing customers, potential customers, Learners in learning and independent auditing authorities and inspectors.

Statement of Service

VSS’s mission is to provide the highest quality training in the UK, creating standards, which others follow to empower people to reach their full potential! To this end we will actively develop new training approaches, and other ways to help people learn, to enable all participants to overcome easily any obstacles and be able to learn quickly and enjoyably.

Confidentiality Policy

VSS believe that the safety, well-being and protection of our learners are the paramount consideration in all decisions staff at this Company make about confidentiality. The appropriate sharing of information between VSS staff is an essential element in ensuring our learners’ well-being and safety.

Complaints Policy & Procedure

VSS aims to handle complaints in a way which is sympathetic, fair and efficient, which encourages informal conciliation, facilitates early resolution, maintains individual privacy and confidentiality and permits useful feedback. Should you wish to raise a complaint with VSS you can do so by sending a message through our contact page or writing a letter to our Managing Director at our Head Office address.

Learner Satisfaction Survey

If you are undergoing training with VSS, please take a few minutes to complete the satisfaction questionnaire that is supplied in your learning pack in order that we may evaluate the quality of training and support you have received from us. We would appreciate your honest and constructive feedback.

Feedback and Compliments

Feedback from service users helps us to establish good practice, which in turn can then be implemented into other areas of the service. We use feedback to identify future improvements. VSS also welcome service users to compliment us on the service they have received when they have fully met or excelled in your expectations. If you would like to leave us feedback or a compliment, you can do so by sending a message through our contact page or writing a letter to our Managing Director at our Head Office address.