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What we do


Pre-employment delivery

Working with unemployed individuals aged 19+, either who are almost ready for work, or who are the furthest away from employment, we aim to provide a career path to a better future for themselves and their families. This career development is so important, and it comes from a plan. It’s not just about giving people skills – it’s about changing their mindset. Family-wide social issues and deeply entrenched deprivation are such obstacles for people to overcome.

Many of our learners will present on their programme with specific needs that may have prevented them participating in adult education in the past, including; language and communication difficulties; drug, alcohol and gambling dependencies; lone parent responsibilities, mental health issues, Learners with Learning Difficulties and/or Disabilities (LLDD), and homelessness, to name a few.

Arrangements are in place to engage with learners who might otherwise not be engaged, and to provide high quality additional pastoral support to meet learner needs and break down barriers to progression. We feel it is important to address all of the needs identified above within our supply chain, therefore, working with external specialist providers, additional support is provided for individual needs, including making any required reasonable adjustments, so that learners can be supported with the specific needs required and can gain the skills and confidence they need to participate in society, progress in education and/or work and achieve their desired outcomes.

We make sure that our unemployed learners understand that there is a better life available to them – and that reaching it is achievable!

Workbased upskilling delivery

Working across a diverse range of sectors; our bespoke delivery method and approach ensures we are constantly developing training solutions to best meet the changing needs of business and industry. Unlike other training providers who only deliver 20-30% of an organisations training needs, we provide a complete end-to-end service. Working closely with our clients, we undertake an organisational needs analysis (ONA) to build a comprehensive picture of the development and training required – at no cost to the client.

The ONA is a skilled assessment of what factors influence the running of the business. It identifies immediate and potential gaps in workforce skills and development and establishes a clear solution pathway – which can often be met through government funded training programmes like basic skills and vocational qualifications. We’ll prepare a complete ONA report with a solution pathway for consideration, identifying where government funding is available.

We will ensure our contractual obligations are met in full and that all training and assessment carried out is quality assured to ensure it meets both regulatory and client expectations. We also understand the significance of ensuring that all of our learners’ needs are met in full, which in turn strengthens and supports our quality pledge to clients.

Sectors we work with

  • Service Sector
  • Hospitality Sector
  • Health Sector
  • Transportation Sector
  • Security Sector
  • Business Sector
  • Retail Sector
  • Warehousing Sector
  • Manufacturing Sector