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5 Reasons Apprentices can do Wonders for Your Business

5 Reasons Apprentices can do Wonders for Your Business

Apprenticeships carry a lot of benefits for young people looking to start a career. It is less widely appreciated, however, they also carry a lot of benefits for the businesses who employ these young people. Here are five reasons you might find that taking on an apprentice does wonders for your business:

A Source of Skilled Staff

Offering apprenticeships is a great way to source skilled staff for your business. Staff taken on through apprenticeships can be trained up within your company, and once that training is complete they will offer distinct advantages over employees who qualified through other routes. You will be able to tailor their training a lot to the needs of your business and ensure they are taught to the standards you require, and by the time they are ready to take on more responsibilities they will already be familiar with your company culture and way of doing things.

Apprentices are Enthusiastic

For many businesses, enthusiasm is just as important as raw talent. Candidates for apprenticeships tend to be very enthusiastic; eager to learn and eager to do well for your business. If a young person is applying for an apprenticeship, committing themselves to a training period and pursuing a recognised qualification, they have probably thought long and hard before deciding that this is a career they definitely want to do.

Improve Your Business Image

Taking on apprenticeships can actually help your business to win custom, and it does this by improving your business image. A business that takes on apprentices is a business that is providing employment for young people taking their first steps on the career ladder, and helping them with their development and with building the foundation of a career. The stats show that this is something customers really appreciate: surveys have shown that 81% of consumers prefer a company that employs apprentices.

Apprenticeships are Flexible

Part of the power of apprenticeships lies in their flexibility and variety. There is something for every would-be apprentice and, similarly, there is something for every business. Currently, there are more than 200 different kinds of apprenticeship programme on offer covering over 1,200 different roles, and apprenticeships can be offered in everything from retail and beauty to trades and highly-skilled technical roles, and at levels ranging from the equivalent of a few GCSEs to a masters degree. Whatever industry you operate in and whatever kind of staff you want to train, there is almost certainly an apprenticeship programme to fit.

Other Businesses Love Them

The best way to gauge how much value apprentices really add to a business is to look at the opinions of other businesses that have already employed people through apprenticeships. These opinions are overwhelmingly positive, and the figures show that, without a doubt, apprentices really  do wonders for a business. Four out of five employers of apprentices say that they make the workplace more productive. 88% say that apprenticeships lead to better motivation and higher rates of satisfaction in the workplace.