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10 Reasons to become an Apprentice!

10 Reasons to become an Apprentice!

Don’t want to spend half your working life paying off your University student loan? Everybody knows University is getting more expensive as the years go by.…. so why not take the work based Apprenticeship route and earn while you learn?  


Here at VSS, we have identified 10 of the best benefits to being an apprentice.


  1. Earn while you learn
    When doing an apprenticeship you get a nationally recognised qualification whilst also getting paid a full-time wage, which will go up after your first year on the job!
  2. Paid Holidays
    Not only do you get a wage, but you also get paid statutory holiday entitlement of 20 days, plus 8 bank holidays, when you work full time 5 days a week.
  3. Support from your employer and assessor
    With an apprenticeship, you will get lots of support from your employer and work colleagues, along with support from your dedicated assessor. You will have one to one support sessions every 8 weeks to learn about all aspects of your qualification and chosen sector.
  4. Head start into your career
    Getting ahead in your career can be difficult, but with an apprenticeship, your employer will have trained you from the beginning of your career and will have gained a lot more trust and respect for you as an employee, which in turn will give you the upper hand to progression within the company and further your career prospects.
  5. Work Experience
    Doing an apprenticeship not only gives you a qualification, it also gives you a minimum of one year’s work experience, which most employers look for. The reason a lot of university graduates are not getting jobs is because they have no experience in the sector they are qualified in; whereas with an apprenticeship, you will have the experience you need.
  6. Career Pathways
    You want to start your career now but aren’t sure on whether there is an apprenticeship in the sector you wanted? Well here at VSS we have a wide range of apprenticeships in the following sectors:Service, Hospitality, Health, Transportation, Security, Business, Retail, Warehousing, Transportation, Manufacturing and Child CareSo there is most likely an apprenticeship to suit you at VSS!
  7. Student Discount
    When you’re an apprentice you are in education, which makes you a student. You can apply for an NUS Extra card, which gives you over 200 discounts on beauty, fashion, eating out, travel and more. Channel your inner bargain hunter!
  8. Hands-on Training
    An apprenticeship will teach you from day one the daily duties that have to be performed, right up to the more extensive training you will need to learn in your chosen sector. Highly qualified professionals in the workplace and your assessor will train you to become the best you can be!
  9. Grow your confidence
    Being in a workplace with loads of different age groups and people allows you to grow your confidence by speaking with people within your company and visitors. It also gives you the confidence to see how you can progress in a company and see what different type of roles there are a company and your colleagues.
  10. No Student Loan!
    Do we need to say anything else?