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10 Benefits to Hiring an Apprentice!

10 Benefits to Hiring an Apprentice!

Have you been thinking about taking on an apprentice, but aren’t sure about the benefits of doing so as opposed to taking on a degree level student straight out of university?

Here at VSS, we have identified 10 benefits to apprenticeships and highlight their role as highly qualified staff in the future of successful businesses.

  1. Is your business stuck in its ways and have no new ideas? Young apprentices are the most likely to have new fresh ideas which will further your company!
  2. Apprentices are more willing to succeed in their career than people who went to university. Apprentices want to focus on their career from the bottom to the top so they understand the business and sector they are involved in.
  3.  Apprentices can improve productivity in a team by over £200 a week. £200 a week! That’s more than the cost of the average Apprentice’s wage.
  4. Apprentices’ do their qualification in the workplace so you won’t lose an employee to a college once or twice a week. Assessors will visit the learner face to face once every 8 weeks to go over work and set tasks for them and will be there 24/7 to support them along the way.
  5. Don’t feel like an apprenticeship will be personal to your company? Apprenticeship courses can be tailored to a certain job role so that it is the perfect fit for your business, getting the best-trained staff for you!
  6. Taking on apprenticeships can actually help your business to win custom, and it does this by improving your business image. A business that takes on apprentices is a business that is providing employment for young people taking their first steps on the career ladder and helping them with their development and with building the foundation of a career.
  7. There are over 400 different types of apprenticeships, which cover all sectors, so no matter what sector your business is in, we can guarantee there will be a qualification to cover.
  8. With the ever increasing costs of universities, more and more young adults are turning towards Apprenticeships. It is without a doubt that Apprenticeships will be the future of all businesses…..
  9. The best way to gauge how much value apprentices really add to a business is to look at the opinions of other businesses that have already employed people through apprenticeships. These opinions are overwhelmingly positive, and the figures show that, without a doubt, apprentices really do wonders for a business.
  10. You may be eligible for a £1,500 VAT free grant if you employ an apprentice. An employer can receive up to 5 grants in total.

100% of the funding could be available for your business! What are you waiting for? What do you have to lose? You can only gain by taking on an apprentice!

If you were undecided on how an apprentice would benefit your business, I hope VSS have helped change your mind on whether or not to start a young adult’s career now….. Get in touch with a member of our team and give a young person a brighter future now!