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Apprenticeships, Workforce Upskilling & Back to Work Courses

Covid-19 – Business Continuity Plan


National training provider offering employers, employees and job seekers outstanding delivery of work-based apprenticeships, workforce upskilling, and back to work programmes. We are passionate about creating training and development programmes that make a real difference to our valued employers and improve the career prospects of our learners.

Looking to upskill your current workforce?

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Looking to hire an Apprentice?

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Looking to get back to work?

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Why choose VSS?

  • We offer a FREE NO OBLIGATION Organisational Training Needs Analysis to identify how best to support your personal or strategic goals.
  • We offer a FREE recruitment service helping you find the best new Apprentice for your business.
  • We will upskill your current workforce to improve the skills of individuals while boosting the success of your bottom line.
  • We offer a ‘one stop shop’ service to deliver training on site or externally in accordance with National Standards.
At VSS, we care about all of our service users.... Whether you are a large employer looking to up-skill your workforce and ultimately improve your bottom line, a small employer looking to take on an Apprentice to help grow your business, or a disadvantaged unemployed individual looking to improve your self-confidence and find sustainable employment, we have the right Vocational Skills Solution for you. There are far too many Government Funded Training Providers out there with a ‘bums on seats’ attitude, that promise the earth and deliver a less than sub-standard service, VSS are NOT one of those providers!  We know that by delivering our promise to you, not only will you achieve your goals, but we will achieve ours, as only by the growth of our good reputation, can we maintain our continued success. If you are looking for a National Training Provider that promises to deliver 100% of your expectations, then VSS are the Trusted Training Provider for you.  

Phil Juniper - Chief Executive Officer